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Results Delivered by the Opture® System

The Opture® risk management system calculates all relevant risk figures for an optimal risk mitigation and risk-adjusted operational and strategic planning and steering. Specialized and customized statements, e.g. risk-adjusted corporate strategy or optimal risk-adjusted capital allocation, are created or developed on client's demand.

Standard Quantitative Results

The Opture® risk management system delivers the following standard risk results for each corporate/business unit, P&L position, product, subsidiary, individual portfolio, and all horizontally or vertically consolidated corporate units:

  • Risk-adjusted P&L statement and cash flow statement.
  • Risk figures (e.g. VaRx%, CFaRx%, RaC, RAROC, RORAC, quantiles, Expected Loss, sigma, average, etc.).
  • Probability distributions and cumulative distributions.
  • Correlations, concentrations, contributions and sensitivities of all risks, opportunities, measures and risk drivers.
  • Quantification of diversification and coherence effects of consolidated risks.
  • Risk report, monitoring and early warning system.

Solutions to Common Problems

For risk-adjusted management the following questions will be answered by the Opture® system:

  • What is the risk exposure of the planned P&L positions? How risky or volatile are the businesses and planned revenues?
  • What is the sensitivity of risks, opportunities, and measures? How stable is the operational and strategic planning?
  • How is each risk and risk driver correlated with the risk portfolio?
  • How and to what extend depend assets and liquidity on factors (volatility, correlations, FX-rates, prices, interest rates, commodity prices, etc.)?
  • How much will the planned profit or liquidity change, if a single risks and/or risk driver will vary about 10%?
  • What should be the minimum cash flow or equity under risk and return aspects (considering all diversification and coherence effects)?
  • What is the risk exposure of correlated risks with simultaneous occurrence (risk bundle)?
  • What is the risk-return position of the company and its business units, subsidiaries, products and how can the position be optimized?
  • What is the optimal capital/resource allocation under risk and return aspects?
  • What is the best risk-adjusted corporate strategy and the optimal risk strategy (efficient risk mitigation)?