Noetzold & Noetzold

Philosophy of Noetzold & Noetzold

The six components of our philosophy are related to our product groups (risk management consulting, risk management systems, risk management integration and risk management trainings).


For us these items are not just words - our objective is to transport these elements into our risk management consulting services and risk management system solutions. The strict and consequent realization of this philosophy made Noetzold & Noetzold to the leading supplier of integrated corporate risk management systems.

Some examples show how we translate the above mentioned items into operational actions:

  • Creating added value and benefits: With risk-adjusted evaluation of investments we had often improved decisions of proposed investments in favour for investments with much better risk-return relations. With the risk-adjusted Profit and Loss statement and risk-adequate strategy development we identified and corrected inefficient risk positions.
  • Delivering highest quality with maximum efficiency: We provide standard risk management systems which comply with highest requirements. The Opture® risk management solutions is the leading corporate risk management system. We guarantee highest quality and professional standards for our services and systems.
  • Developing innovative models and methods: Noetzold & Noetzold is technology leader in corporate risk management systems with providing state-of-the-art and best practice risk management models and methods.
  • Providing experience and competence: The employees of Noetzold & Noetzold are outstanding experts in risk management with many years of experience. Noetzold & Noetzold personnel receives permanent internal and external training. Some employees lecture risk management at universities.
  • Generating customer satisfaction: The high rate of follow up orders and the references are a benchmark and indication for our qualified services and products.
  • Delivering best practice solutions: Noetzold & Noetzold develops and provides best practice solutions.

To upgrade corporate performance and fulfill customers' requirements we provide highest quality and innovative solutions with our services and systems.