Noetzold & Noetzold

Consequent Investment into Innovation and Quality

The basic idea that led to the foundation of the Noetzold & Noetzold in 2002 was to integrate the risk dimension into conventional management systems and decision making processes. The initial concept, patents, and the Opture® risk management system are still the focus of development and are being improved steadily. New innovative methods, models, and systems also aim to enhance corporate performance by combining risk management with strategic management.

Since 2002 Noetzold & Noetzold has experienced a continuous and strong organic growth in consulting services and system solutions. With the success of the Opture® software solution, N&N has become market and technology leader for integrated corporate risk management systems.

Noetzold & Noetzold continuously extends and refines its risk management services and software. Particular emphasis is given to new products that can increase our customers' efficiency. Many new products originate directly from the specific needs of our customers. To guarantee innovative and high-quality products, Noetzold & Noetzold invests only into modern technologies and renowned experts.