Noetzold & Noetzold

Noetzold & Noetzold is The Expert in Risk Management and Strategy

N&N is Specialist in Risk Management

Noetzold & Noetzold is specialist for development, implementation, and delivery of:

  • risk management processes (enterprise-wide integration into operational, strategic and IT-processes),
  • risk management organizational structures (efficient institutionalization),
  • risk strategies (risk appetite; efficient risk mitigation),
  • risk-adjusted strategies (optimal strategy under risk-return aspects),
  • risk management systems (software; risk controlling; risk management),
  • risk management models (modelling special solutions),
  • risk-adequate resource allocation (optimal capital allocation),
  • risk-adjusted evaluations (projects, investments, mergers, acquisitions).

N&N is Market Leader for Corporate Risk Management Systems

Noetzold & Noetzold is market- and technology leader for fully aggregating corporate risk management systems worldwide. N&N focuses with their product development and consulting on highest quality, modern technology and maximum customer benefit. The customer satisfaction is a relevant indicator for N&N regarding the performance of its services. N&N is having long-term relationships with their clients, as an expert and sparring partner covering the full spectrum of risk management themes.

N&N has an excellent reputation in the risk management market due to high quality products, broad risk management experience and know-how. On special request we offer potential new customers to arrange personal contacts to existing customers.

N&N is investing into product development, new technologies and innovative applications instead of marketing and public relation activities. N&N is especially known for efficient methods for coherent enterprise-wide risk assessment, for enterprise-wide risk models unifying and integrating all types of risks, opportunities, measures, factors, etc., and for fastest high-precision Monte Carlo simulations for large scale risk aggregations.

N&N Experience and Competence of the Employees

The experienced risk managers have methodical competence within the area of risk management, e.g. financial engineering, financial-mathematical modeling, risk management strategies, risk management processes and structures. They guarantee the use of professional risk management models and methods as well as development of optimal risk steering measures under risk-return criteria. Many of the risk managers have acquired their risk management background with financial institutions or industrial companies before joining N&N.

The risk profilers are experts for systematic, complete, and efficient identification and quantification of risks, opportunities, risk driver, and their correlations. They apply and develop further the methods used for risk data collection (risk identification and risk quantification). The efficiency and coherence of the risk assessment methods is the basis for a successful sensible risk management. These methods in combination with the long-time experience of the risk profiler can guarantee consistent and precise results.

The quants are specialists in developing risk models. They all have their theoretical background in physics and/or mathematics with business experience in financial institutions. Quants provide quantitative solutions to risk management problems. They are primarily focused on the quantification and measurement of risk. This includes the pricing of derivatives, evaluation and optimization of portfolios, credit modelling, operational risk modelling, and the evaluation and optimization of risk management processes. The quants of N&N also have experience in developing and pricing structured products to efficiently protect corporate exposures from unfavourable market developments and to generate rewards from diversification potentials.

The system experts have extensive experience implementing risk management systems in various IT environments. They guarantee an optimal and efficient implementation of the software.

All N&N personnel have, apart from necessary technical and theoretical competence, long-time experience in consulting large industrial enterprises or mid-size enterprises in different industries.