Noetzold & Noetzold

The Way to Noetzold & Noetzold GmbH

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By Taxi from Zurich Airport (about 25-30 min)

By Taxi from Zurich Hauptbahnhof (about 10 min)

By Public Transport from Zurich Airport (about 35-40 min incl. walk)

By Public Transport from Zurich Hauptbahnhof (about 20 min incl. walk)

N&N, CH-8702 Zurich-Zollikon, Rebwiesstr. 29:

1. Take Tram 11 (in direction Train station Rehalp) OR Forchbahn (in direction Esslingen)

2. Exit at Rehalp (last stop of Tram 11)

3. Walk on Forchstrasse (in direction of tram) for 300m

4. First street on the right side is the Rebwiesstrasse